Thursday 30 April 2015

"What do I think about the U.S. involvement in the war? I think we should win it."

I decided I am going to do all my Flames of War: Vietnam titles in Vietnam movie quotes, guess the movie to win +1 internet points!

Next up is two squads of PAVN Infantry these come from the Infantry Company (VPABX07).
It was incredibly fun to paint these actually I did them probably over the course of two nights, I am much more used to very complex heavily detailed models so something so simple was rather delightful, just basecoat and a wash, didn't even go for highlights, I am much more fussy with the 15mm Germans, one of the nice things about something your less personally invested in I suppose! 

PAVN Infantry Company, AK47, B40 and 58 LMG teams.

You may have noticed the RPG teams are based in 3's not 4's like FOW recommends, this is simply for the sake of identification, when you are looking down on the table I was assuming that the sculpts would be hard to differentiate in the mixed platoons, 3 man per RPG really helps pick them out instantly.

They also blend in rather a bit too well with the basing, which is a bit of a no-no in miniature painting circles, and wasn't really my intention, that said it feels kind of appropriate for the North Vietnamese. 


  1. Good lookin baddies...well done, basing looks great.

    1. Thanks Stanley :) haha it's hard to think of them as anything but the baddies! Too many war movies.

  2. Full Metal Jacket!

    Nice figs - I like the uniform variations you've thrown in there too, while keeping them looking like a homogenous force.

    I like how you are doing your different basing for identification too. I do the same thing in different games - for example in 28mm skirmish games, I put rocks on the bases on non standard weapon troops (MG, SMG) etc. That makes it very easy to quickly see how many 'standard' rifles there are in that squad. Perhaps I could do the same thing with my Vietnam forces and put rocks on HW stands such as RPG/RCL etc

    1. Haha that's right Paul, i'll find a harder one next time.

      Thank you :) I didn't want to go too crazy with variations I find it creates a little odd of an effect if you have a limited colour palette and half have say pink shirts/blue pants and half have pink pants/blue shirts, so the majority of them are greenies.

      Also that is a good method too for sure, it won't even be noticable to an observer, but is enough for you to easily pick out the men you want. I personally like that method over say marking base edges.

    2. I'll look forward to the challenge!

      You're right, you have to point out the basing convention to somebody but its very obvious to me. Here it is in action in my Brit Para platoon: