Thursday, 13 June 2013

Necromunda Gangers! Redemptionists, Orlocks and More

Hello chaps, posting all my updates in one go today. I find it a bit laborious to edit the blogger since i'm simply used to  BB code in forums! Anyhow enough moaning, here is my Necromunda lot.

My box of wonder!

Burn the witch! Cool models the redemptionists, very fitting in the 40k universe the crazed Zealot and not really represented on the 40k battlefield at all (besides Chaos worshippers!). Then again, crazed untrained, poorly armed and un-armoured men stand no chance against professional soldiers, let alone the horrors that the 40k universe spawns!

In the sprawling underhive however, plenty of witches to burn!

Redemptionist with Shotgun

Hope you guys like my choice of colours with this one, didn't want to go for the hot rod flame effect on the robe, they like to burn things not be burnt themselves after all! Besides, fanatics don't tend see themselves as such and having flame robes seems too self aware to me :D

Redemptionist with Shotgun Back

These photos show my favourite work to date, my mother is a furniture restorer and I must have inherited some of that drive from her because I have 'restored' these miniatures and it please me more than doing up some brand new models. Hope you like the results also :)  

Before: 2nd hand Redemptionists

After: Redemptionist with Autogun, Redemptionist with Stubgun and Autopistol, Redemptionist with two Autopistols

Love the expression on this lady, very fierce, and it was my first attempt at Tartan too :) Turned out pretty well.

Escher Ganger with Autopistol and Sword

Goliath Online! As the little walker said in Starcraft back in this era. Got my big muscle man painted, not the greatest of sculpts by a long shot but one of the better Goliath ones. Couldn't resist putting some hazard stripes on his rifle, I will continue that with the rest of the Goliaths, feel it fits their heavy industry background and its my favourite trend of the 'red era'.

The muscles on this guy though! Blimey, must be some serious drugs in the underhive!  

Goliath with Autogun and Axe

My first Cawdor is done, He has a rusty old Knife as a Juve but his laspistol is kept in good condition! The hazard stripes will remind him to point away from face! I deliberately wanted the Cawdor to tie in with the Redemptionists, firstly, because the Redemptionists are part of the Cawdor house, so I see these guys as being part of the same sect, and secondly because it also gives me the opportunity to use them in 40k games as a single unit, since they mix so well.

Cawdor Juve with Laspistol

I like these two because they represent the Best and Worst miniatures in the Necromunda gang. The two Deacons.

The Worst: Deacon with Flamer, not the worst model in the Necromunda range, but the worst in the Redemptionst, this guy is a bit lame imo for two reasons, firstly, his hat, it is completely flat, there is no room at all for this guys face to be, unless his nose and lips and chin have been ground flat (not an impossibility in the underhive I suppose!) but his totally tubular head annoys me and secondly his arms, ludicrously large for his body and far too long, they would reach past his knees if they were resting down. If those arms were replaced with some human sized sleeved ones it'd be a pretty good model I think.

The Deacon with Grenade Launcher is my favourite Redemptionist model and in my Top 5 Necro models of the entire range. Well proportioned, excellent pose with the robes flowing naturally in the direction of movement, and the absolutely fierce grotesque mask that he's wearing, coupled with that studded hoot, brilliant. A figure that feels totally 40k to me.

Redemptionist Deacon with Grenade Launcher and Redemptionist Deacon with Flamer

Inspiration struck suddenly at work for this one, after months of no idea on what to do with the Orlocks. So I stayed up all night painting this one guy. The Orlock Juve, I initially wrestled with a concept for these guys and then decided to leave it, let it simmer and see what happens, well I was thinking about the colour schemes I wanted for all the un-started gangs and I thought, oo I want to paint checkers on something, but which gang.

Then I thought ah, the bandannas and loincloths on the Orlocks, of course! suddenly I had images of 50's diners, Race cars, Rockabilly and greasers, those old timey American mechanic shops and so the evening was spent furiously painted and he emerged, chequered and festooned with a Spade, I will do them with clubs, hearts, diamonds also.

His skin is a little orange in the pic, which it doesn't look in real life, just late night photography under my lightbulbs i'm afraid. Great expression on this model, a little scared, a little swagger, good model.  

Orlock Juve with Stub Gun

Continuing on with the Redemptionists, two more fanatics, including the Priest with the melta gun, hot stuff. Both pretty decent sculpts the Priest in particular being another standout in the Necro range.

Brethren with Autogun and Redemptor Priest with Meltagun

Vroom vroom! The sound of a chainsaw wielding maniac reverberates through the hive! Run girls with easily twistable ankles! Very fun model this one, totally impractical weapon in the extreme, without looking awful, hard line to tread! The paint was still not totally dry on his base you can see there :P  

Redemptionist Zealot with Eviscerator 

Super long post, but that's what you get when you procrastinate on updating your blogger for months! If you made it this far you are a studly creature!