Saturday, 15 November 2014

Necromunda Scavvies

Now here is a new one, the maligned, filthy little monsters that crawl under our underhive beds. The Scavvies.

I had this guy half painted for the longest time, I was originally thinking to go with high visibility clothes like they were working in factories and mines and had escaped. But it turned out clashing awfully so I just put him down, I picked him up today and finished him off, with more muted colours and it turned out.. OK, I'll let you guys judge.

I'm not wholly satisfied but he will do for now, I will do the rest of them in a motley of different clothes as befitting them, but all muted and grubby of course.

What I do love about this guy is his face, amazing detail and expression. Plus those gross pimples. Great stuff.

Scavvy with Shotgun

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Necromunda Redemptionist Brethren and Arch Zealot

Hello all, been neglecting my poor Necromunda a bit, but back on the wagon with a few new models to show off! Hopefully some of my fans are still around to remember these! Hopefully I don't spend too much time distracted by other projects this time. So many models so little time.

First up, here is a functional, if a little unexciting model, shotgun guy. Not too fabulous but useful in the game to have a nice cheap shotgun guy!

Redemptionist Brethren with Shotgun

I hate having to write text! So I wasn't looking forward to getting to this Arch Zealot model, but it turned out... Ok. Might revise him later, but he will do for now. Still a cool miniature though, suitably angry looking without having to be covered in a thousand thousand skulls, ah GW, when did you lose your way.
Arch Zealot of the Redemption

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Napoleonic Prussians, 6th Infantry Regiment, Fusiliers.

Hello Chaps,

I even have an interest in the Napoleonic period! I know I'm a bit schizophrenic with my projects :P

These models are a dabble into the period, I have had them for a while, but have just started to paint them, they are being painted for Songs of Drums and Shako's by Ganesha Games a fast play Napoleonic skirmish game that me and my friends are going to try. Seems like a good way to get into the period just around a dozen figures to paint up and start bashing together.

these are from Perry Miniatures Napoleonic line, but I also have a bunch of figures from Calpe Miniatures that have also been started that I will post up in the future, you might know my love for the Perry twins already, but I also love the Calpe figures very much, particularly the Landwehr which are so characterful.

I know Napoleonic gamers can get quite.. enthused.. about uniform details so I hope I have gotten them 100% although if I haven't feel free to point out any errors! they are the Fusilier Battalion of the 6th (1st West Prussian) Infantry Regiment. I haven't painted up their troddeln yet as I am not sure which company or what mix of companies to paint them as, I'm not sure who was most likely to be sent forward in the event of skirmishing so anyone with a clue to the process feel share to link me. Plus a Freiwillige Jaeger

I am also painting some Frenchies so I can play someone even if they don't have a Napoleonic force, so I have to get onto them as well, I might even be able to eventually post up a battle report one day!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ost Averland Dragoner Regiment

These are Perry Miniatures War of the Roses Scurriers, equipped with handguns from the Empire pistolier sprue (although they are so massive they are playing the role of carbines) and more sensibly sized guns from The Assault Group, not too into painting cavalry for unknown reasons, but really like the look of them when they are done.

Ost Averland Dragoner Regiment
The Eastern Averland Dragoon Regiment is a relatively new unit, having only been formed in the past 10 years. The Dragoner are unlike the Pistolkorps in that they are formed from State Troops and equipped by the province rather then the nobility. Being formed from commoners the Dragoner Regiment takes a more disciplined approach to warfare drilling the soldiers and with a heavy emphasis on training rather then relying on pluck and and verve.

Despite this some members of the Averland nobility do join the Dragoons rather then the pistolkorps, appealing to nobles who are desirous of military rank and postings rather then later positions within the Knightly orders. The nature of the Dragoner regiment drawing from commoners and minors nobles means that it is fast growing and has even begun to spread.  Neighbouring provinces have begun recruitment for their own Dragoner units.

The Dragoner regiment is equipped with both wheel-lock pistols and carbines. The pistols are much the same as the ones carried by the Pistolkorps, whilst the Carbine is a shortened Musket as used by the Empires Handgunners. This shortened carbine provides gives a greater reach and accuracy than a pistol whilst providing a much greater manageability then the full length Muskets. 

On campaign the Dragoner regiment fights mostly from horseback, and along with the huntsmen provide valuable scouting and reconnaissance work as well as acting as light cavalry on the field. When the situation requires the Dragoon's will also dismount to fight on foot, in this way they can be used as a very mobile infantry unit able to rush to re-enforce points of a weakened line or take key objectives.

The Ost Averland Mountain Garrison maintains a permanent force of the Dragoner Regiment, the mountainous terrain is mostly impractical to horses and renders heavy cavalry useless, but the light horses of the Regiment provide valuable service as scouts and skirmishers. In the mountains the troops will travel mounted and then dismount to investigate crags, slopes, caves or ridges with their horses positioned nearby with a handler in order to facilitate a quick retreat if necessary. Which, as can be imagined, infuriates the un-mounted monsters that dwell in the mountains.

Dragoner Trooper 
Riding the small horses typical of the Ost Dragoner Regiment, Trooper Solveg is equipped in the typical style of the Regiment in a chainmail shirt and steel helmet, supplemented in his case with a cuirass and a leather bracer. Although some troopers ride into battle wearing armoured leggings Solveg has eschewed this in favour of more comfortable and mobile riding boots. Just behind his leg, embroidered on his horse blanket an Imperial Cross can be seen.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ost Averland Mountain Garrison Armbrustschütze

Hello guys, my irregular blog is back, I will be updating it now every fortnight for at least a few months, I have got some stuff pre-written and on a timer, so even if I get lazy there should be something to see.

I have 10 Crossbowmen painted now, these are the old Dogs of War Braganza's Besiegers, lovely models sculpted by the Perry Twins in the 90's that fit in perfectly with the other 'Mountain Garrison' troopers. In-game these will be used just without upgrades or a Sergeant, hence his position on the end rather then the usual middle. They have been converted to have their original Pavise on the base shield removed, only criticism of these models is they were definitely not designed with ranking up in mind, but they can be just squeezed in together as you'll see.

Mountain Garrison Armbrustschütze
The Mountain Garrison Crossbowmen are the best equipped marksmen in Ost Averland. The men of the regiment are used extensively  for garrison work, patrols and any campaigning that is required. The soldiers equipped with full plate are preferably used on the battlefields instead of the keeps and fortresses as their heavy armour keeps them well protected against the weapons typically encountered in the Mountain ranges. 

The crossbow used by these troops is a smaller pull-lever style, without a ratchet, this allows them to stay mobile and keep up an impressive rate of fire, despite the reduced power compared to a Windlass crossbow.

The Pavise is only used by the Armbrustschütze when deployed in entrenched defensive positions or in siege situations. Most of the time the heavy Pavises are left behind in the baggage by the crossbowmen, the plate armour being protection enough.

Hauptmann Ludwig Seitz
Captain Ludwig is a competent officer and leader, although only an average shot himself. A minor noble of Ost Averland, Seitz shares a common foible of the less affluent lords of East Averland, feeling embittered about being looked down upon by the trade-enriched nobles of the plains. As a result he often wears a large plumed feather in his helmet and a large impressive, if slightly impractical cape. Despite this he puts his issues aside when on duty or on campaign as Ludwig is a consummate professional when it comes to soldiering. He is additionally equipped with a wheel-lock pistol; typical of the Garrison officers for dealing with any drug frenzied goblins encroaching onto the unit.