Monday, 25 March 2013

Ost Averland Map

A map showing the rough sphere of Eastern Averland, although not an officially recognized division within Averland the population has it's own Reikspiel dialect and customs, as can be seen the major cities of the region encompass the massive Garrison and fortifications of Grenzstadt and Hochsleben and Merfeld. With the rest of the population being dispersed in the foothills in smaller villages.

Although the people have to contend with the monsters of the mountains who manage to get through the Garrison troops the land is mercifully free of Beastmen infestation, due to a much smaller area of forests then in the Central Empire

Garrison Pikemen Drill
The key to pike fighting is discipline and trust. The soldiers are heavily drilled to ensure they hold their ranks and fill any gaps left by killed or wounded comrades. They know that to prevent their ranks being broken they must have implicit faith in the man to their side and behind them.

Alpenkorps Pikemen, Christian and Johann
These two Alpenkorps men display their armour and equipment, including their bearskin headpieces. Christians rucksack features a sewn patch incorporating the Imperial Cross, stitched by his wife. Although officially discouraged, many of the soldiers wives and girlfriends live and work in the forts. Providing invaluable service repairing, washing clothes and preparing meals for the soldiers.

 A Howitzer of the Garrison
 A howitzer of the garrison troops, the howitzer is a weapon that is gaining popularity in the Empire, capable of firing explosive shells with a higher level of accuracy than a mortar although with a lower trajectory whilst retaining the abililty to fire canister shot like a cannon. The garrison maintains as many guns as possible in the fortresses, mounted on the battlements, plus a number kept limbered up for sallies or field work.

Howitzer Revetment
This howitzer is dug in to a small revetment made from earth and fitted with stakes. This is a common precaution and helps protect against enemy shot and to force cavalry to move around the side, hopefully buying the crew some time to escape.

Howitzer Crew
The garrison maintains a high standard of training for the crew, however in battle incidents still happen, young Karl the loader had to bite open a bag of powder when he dropped his knife during the battle, resulting in him getting a mouthful of blackpowder, he is now eyeing the howitzer with some suspicion. The crew wears various levels of armour depending on how close they need to be to the cannon during firing. Inevitably their uniforms end up covered in soot from the powder.

These are pavises by Kingmaker miniatures and decals made specifically for them by LittleBigMen in the UK, I liked them particulary because they do look hand painted which is very nice.

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