Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Ratskin and Two Eschers

This was a fun model to paint and i'm pleased with how the little fella turned out, the little symbol on his rifle was a native american symbol I doodled on.

Ratskin Renegade with Lasgun

Never painted pink before! I am thinking I need to spruce up the bases on my guys a little, might get some scenic ones! Haven't decided yet. But just wanted to start painting so didn't have time to fiddle with fancy basing and just get a ratskin painted up. Really enjoying these old Necromunda models.
Some more girls step up, going to do all of my Chainswords with the industrial hazard stripes, love that look. Although I just notice now in the photo that a couple of the stripes are slightly irregular!

                         Escher with Autogun, Escher with Autopistol and Chainsword
A few new models have arrived and are primed and ready to go! At this moment painting up the brave, I am taking my time with these boys getting one done at a time, very enjoyable way to paint but slow!

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