Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hello everybody, welcome to my blog. I have been painting and nerding since April 1996, when my father took me to a newsagent to buy me a magazine to keep me quiet. I saw my first White Dwarf there and now my room is full of hundreds of little men in metal and plasti.

A fellow little man fan CPBelt from http://theminiaturespage.com/ suggested I create a blog, so I have done so, I will be posting up my painting projects I have been working on, Necromunda, WFB, 40k and Historicals, my interest waxes and wanes with time between the various project so there is no guarantee what is next.

I have always loved the Necromunda figures, it was the height of Necromunda when I got into the hobby and so my early days of White Dwarf where filled with these models and I've always had a massive soft spot for them, and my early days of gaming was with Necromunda and Gorkamorka as well as 2nd Ed 40k, although I never did at the time own any Necromunda figures! It's my goal to collect every model from my nostalgia filled memories of the 1995-1997 figures.

These Eschers are painted up Punk Rockers/Hair Band girls from the 80's bright colours and big hair so what else could they be!

                        Escher Ganger with Autogun and Pistol, Escher Ganger with Lasgun

 Orlock Juve and Ratskin Ganger

These wip figures show my new thing, Grey Undercoat, for me the perfect balance between providing a bit of shading and still keeping the colours vibrant, so we will see how they go! I am not sure on what to do with the Orlocks just yet, although their obvious Biker looks is making me lean towards black leather jackets and blue jeans, we will see how it goes. With the ratskins I am thinking up earthy tones for clothing, with Albino ratskin cloaks and some Native American inspired facial warpaint, If I can give an impression of these guys I will be very pleased.

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