Monday, 30 December 2013

Flames of War

12. and 16. Luftwaffe Field Division
I have embarked on a project of a few firsts, it is my first foray into 15mm and my first proper historical project. I'm a big history buff, but it has taken me years of other wargaming to finally start a historical army, no real reason for that i suppose, possibly I knew I would be too concerned at getting all the uniforms and colours correct, or ending up buying too many things! :)

Anyway, I am modelling the 12th and 16th Luftwaffe Field Division, they will be the 12th on the Eastern Front and the 16th in the West. Fortunately the organization is relatively similar as are uniform details so they should be happily interchangeable with a few different units. I chose to do the LFD because I had a Grandfather in the Luftwaffe (I have quite a complex family history!) as well as the huge appeal of doing a unsung regular unit, who never get much attention.

Anyway, for those who have gotten this far, here is my first completed unit the ubiquitous Flak 88, i have painted a few of the gunners wearing their cotton drill pants, as I saw on photos from the Eastern Front. As well as some of the shells painted with the yellow HE and black for AP. 

8.8cm Flak 36 Platoon

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