Sunday, 29 December 2013


More pikes painted, some other projects have been distracting me but these are coming along at a reasonable rate, got the bases done, want to put a few more stones down though.

I have some awesome historical models lined up and ordered that i'm looking forward to receiving, they will fit in perfectly with the lads i've got so far as well.

Garrison Pikemen Form Rank

The Line formation is a strong defensive technique of the pikeman and the Garrison. The mutually supportive pikes and the width of the line ensures that any enemy would have to fight with great difficulty to break through. Similarly any cavalry approaching from the front quadrant will be soon skewered on the forest of pikes. Whether behind the walls of their fortresses and keeps or in suitable open ground the Garrison Pikemen are a formidable body of men

The heavy armour and pikes of the Garrison usually results in a defensive posture being taken. These tactics can be decisive when dealing with large numbers of enemies. These tactics are particularly effective in the natural choke-points and defensive positions of the Black Mountains, well known to the Garrison troops and commanders. Many times during the infrequent up-swellings of Goblin tribes has the Line infantry of the Garrison taken this formation and broken the Goblonoids as they are funnelled towards the waiting ranks of Pikes. 

As with any regiment in the Empire the musician plays a useful role. The notes of the trumpet playing specific tunes is distinct and clear over the noise of the battlefield. Commands for Advance, Retreat, Form Rank and more are all learnt by the pikemen as part of their basic training.  In the front rank Musiker Emmerich's Trumpet is adorned with a hand stitched tabard displaying the Imperial Cross.

The Black Mountain garrison forces were present in the campaign against Grom the Paunch in the Imperial year of 2040-2042. Fighting under Prince Wilhelm of Reikland the Ost Averland pikes took heavy losses in the Battle of Bloody gorge.

As a result of this campaign the Black Garrison forces was significantly reinforced into a heavier permanent armed force to form an increased presence in the mountains. The result of this is an greater ability to provide greater warning for future incursions and a better bulwark against Orcish and other aggression.


  1. These are looking really good! Love the detailed shields and the wear and tear on the armour. I like the background too, always nice to have some history to the units.

    You should comment on other peoples blogs, they will then check out your blog and you will get more followers/views/comments.

  2. Thank you Dan :) Appreciate the comments, I will actually start doing that, I wanted to get a bit of content up on my blog first. Also I am determined now to keep updating it, because I am still painting, just no updating my blog :P so this year I am determined to do it, and do a bit of advertising!

  3. Yeah same here. I have a New Years resolution of posting more to my blog. But but then I seem to have a lot of resolutions!
    Heres a blog you might like btw, they have some posts on a Hochland campaign you might find interesting: