Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Napoleonic Prussians, 6th Infantry Regiment, Fusiliers.

Hello Chaps,

I even have an interest in the Napoleonic period! I know I'm a bit schizophrenic with my projects :P

These models are a dabble into the period, I have had them for a while, but have just started to paint them, they are being painted for Songs of Drums and Shako's by Ganesha Games a fast play Napoleonic skirmish game that me and my friends are going to try. Seems like a good way to get into the period just around a dozen figures to paint up and start bashing together.

these are from Perry Miniatures Napoleonic line, but I also have a bunch of figures from Calpe Miniatures that have also been started that I will post up in the future, you might know my love for the Perry twins already, but I also love the Calpe figures very much, particularly the Landwehr which are so characterful.

I know Napoleonic gamers can get quite.. enthused.. about uniform details so I hope I have gotten them 100% although if I haven't feel free to point out any errors! they are the Fusilier Battalion of the 6th (1st West Prussian) Infantry Regiment. I haven't painted up their troddeln yet as I am not sure which company or what mix of companies to paint them as, I'm not sure who was most likely to be sent forward in the event of skirmishing so anyone with a clue to the process feel share to link me. Plus a Freiwillige Jaeger

I am also painting some Frenchies so I can play someone even if they don't have a Napoleonic force, so I have to get onto them as well, I might even be able to eventually post up a battle report one day!


  1. Very nice, great paintjob, beautiful bass...and great blog too!

  2. Thank you Phil, very much appreciated :)