Thursday, 6 November 2014

Necromunda Redemptionist Brethren and Arch Zealot

Hello all, been neglecting my poor Necromunda a bit, but back on the wagon with a few new models to show off! Hopefully some of my fans are still around to remember these! Hopefully I don't spend too much time distracted by other projects this time. So many models so little time.

First up, here is a functional, if a little unexciting model, shotgun guy. Not too fabulous but useful in the game to have a nice cheap shotgun guy!

Redemptionist Brethren with Shotgun

I hate having to write text! So I wasn't looking forward to getting to this Arch Zealot model, but it turned out... Ok. Might revise him later, but he will do for now. Still a cool miniature though, suitably angry looking without having to be covered in a thousand thousand skulls, ah GW, when did you lose your way.
Arch Zealot of the Redemption

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