Saturday, 14 February 2015

Garrison Armbrustschütze der Reserve

Here is an update with some Crusader Miniature crossbowmen, some of them have been given Perry heads for variety. The trestle gun came with the Hussite artillery piece from Kingmaker miniatures, the crew are Assault Group miniatures Spaniards with Perry miniature heads and the luggage is from Mutineer miniatures.

Garrison Armbrustschütze der Reserve
These troops form part of the Reserve corps of the Black Mountain Garrison. These troops form a vital part of the military structure of Ost Averland. They serve as part time soldiers manning the garrison fortresses, most of their numbers coming from men between the ages of 16-40 in the small local towns and farms in the foothills of the Black Mountains. They are required to maintain their own equipment and undergo twice yearly training duties after their initial training period, as well as occasionally rotating to Garrison duty in the mountains. Although not as fully trained or well equipped as the line troops of the Garrison, they provide invaluable defensive duty, particularly from the walls of the Garrison fortresses, and also occasionally in the field.

Reserve Equipment
The Reserve troops are not as well equipped as the line troops of the Garrison. They can be seen wearing partial plate armour, leather and maille rather than the full plate of the line infantry. The crossbows used in the field are the claw cranked versions for a more rapid rate of fire. The trestle gun is being utilized in the field due to the initiative of it's crew rather then being part of Garrison protocol.

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