Saturday, 15 November 2014

Necromunda Scavvies

Now here is a new one, the maligned, filthy little monsters that crawl under our underhive beds. The Scavvies.

I had this guy half painted for the longest time, I was originally thinking to go with high visibility clothes like they were working in factories and mines and had escaped. But it turned out clashing awfully so I just put him down, I picked him up today and finished him off, with more muted colours and it turned out.. OK, I'll let you guys judge.

I'm not wholly satisfied but he will do for now, I will do the rest of them in a motley of different clothes as befitting them, but all muted and grubby of course.

What I do love about this guy is his face, amazing detail and expression. Plus those gross pimples. Great stuff.

Scavvy with Shotgun

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